Top 25 Hot Celebrity of 2020 ★ Most Beautiful Women In Hollywood

Top 25 Hot Celebrity of 2020 ★ Most Beautiful Women In Hollywood

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Yep, it’s 2020. Time to update our list of the sexiest actresses. For this year we actually selected 50 stunning beauties from Hollywood. This video will be part 2 which features picks 25 - 1.

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Just a quick reminder: Being on this list doesn't mean that these actresses were active in 2019/2020. Although we tried to pick actresses that made (or will make) films or tv shows in 2019/2020. But there are of course a few that haven't been that active in the last months or even years. That doesn't make them less sexy in our opinion though :-)

Of course this list is highly subjective as well. And we love to hear other opinions on this :-) so please comment down below what your top list would look like.

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