Why Mekhi Phifer Isn't In The Spotlight Anymore

Why Mekhi Phifer Isn't In The Spotlight Anymore

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8 May, 2021
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Mekhi Phifer shot to fame in the mid-1990s with his role in the Spike Lee film "Clockers." He went on to appear in the ensemble comedy Soul Food, horror franchise entry "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" and the iconic video for "The Boy Is Mine." Then in the 2000s, his streak rolled on with "8 Mile," "Honey" and "Dawn of the Dead," as well as a six-season run on "ER."

The actor has never stopped working, but his list of roles over the past several years has been decidedly lower-profile than it was during his heyday. Here's why Mekhi Phifer isn't in the spotlight anymore.

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Staying out of the press | 0:00
Playing a dad | 1:01
Films on VOD | 1:56
Money problems | 2:45
Time for 'daddy stuff'| 3:36
Ambitious CW flop | 4:34
Finding challenging roles | 5:28
A derailed franchise | 6:03
Keeping busy | 7:05

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