What You Don't Know About Neil Patrick Harris

What You Don't Know About Neil Patrick Harris

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24 November, 2021
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Neil Patrick Harris has been famous for most of his life, and over that time he's developed lots of different ways to entertain. From "Doogie Howser, M.D." to "Harold and Kumar" to "How I Met Your Mother," the actor has plenty of memorable TV and movie characters under his belt. But he's also a Broadway star, awards show host and even a magician. He's managed to nab four Emmy awards for his stints hosting the annual Tony awards shows.

Harris is one of the few stars you'd be able to rightly call universally beloved. But he hasn't always had things go so well. Here's what you don't know about Neil Patrick Harris.

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Childhood | 0:00
A star is made | 0:43
Doogie Howser, M.D. | 1:43
Rebranding | 2:39
Living his truth | 3:50
Magic man | 4:45
Husband | 5:53
Self improvement | 6:55
Dad | 7:54
His mighty pen | 8:48
The Pumpkin King | 9:59
The happiest place on Earth | 10:57
Becoming Hedwig | 12:02
Charity work | 13:18
His net worth | 14:36

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