What Celebs Said To Make Other Stars Cry

What Celebs Said To Make Other Stars Cry

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24 October, 2021
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It’s not uncommon to be moved to tears by our favorite celebrities. Musicians, actors, and the like have built entire careers out of touching people emotionally. Whether it be through a song lyric or a movie monologue, there’s no shame in shedding a tear for your favorite celeb.

Sometimes, though, the crying comes not from a star’s fans, but from their colleagues. Just like the rest of us, celebrities are emotional creatures, and even they have moments where they get a little choked up. From touching tributes to personal praise, here’s what celebs said to make other stars cry.

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Lady Gaga | 0:00
Joe Biden | 1:32
Kim Kardashian | 2:46
Zac Efron | 4:00
Lin-Manuel Miranda | 5:39
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck | 6:26
Camila Cabello | 7:32
Lea Michele | 8:35
Octavia Spencer | 9:52
Kate Middleton | 11:28
Beyoncé | 12:33

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