What Bald Celebrities Looked Like When They Had Hair | Bald Famous Personalities Then And Now | EP01

What Bald Celebrities Looked Like When They Had Hair | Bald Famous Personalities Then And Now | EP01

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Celebrity News Today Presents:
What Bald Celebrities Looked Like When They Had Hair | Bald Famous Personalities Then And Now | EP01

Hair changes how you see people. Although age has a lot to do with balding, that's not always the case. And when it comes to celebrities, it suits some stars better than others.
Here We've put together a collection of photographs and footage showing your favorite stars (famous bald guys) when they have luscious locks and in their present hairless state. You can decide what suits them better! So, Let's see bald famous personalities then and now...

List Of Bald Celebrities (Bald Celebrities Then And Now) :

Dwayne Johnson:
Everyone loves Johnson's bald head. It makes him who he is. But when he was younger, he had a bit of coverage.

Samuel L. Jackson:
Jackson was not always a bald man. However, he does seem to have had a pronounced widow's peak even when he had some hair.

Jason Statham:
The actor who specializes in action movies is famous for his alluring bald head, but that wasn't always the case. In the early 2000s, he still had some fuzz going on.

Stanley Tucci:
The lovable Tucci had a tinge of hair in his early career. To be honest, the bald look does seem to suit him best.

From day one, Pitbull seemed not to want any hair. He has been shaving it since he was a teen, but now he doesn't have to. He is naturally bald, and probably pretty happy about it.

John Travolta:
Travolta has really gone for a style change in recent years. From luscious hair, he has gone to nothing.

Woody Harrelson:
Harrelson had a pretty nice head of hair in his youth. The passing of time has changed his style, but he still looks great.

Dave Chapelle:
Comedian Dave Chapelle is pretty bald. He has never had a huge hairdo, but there was a little bit in his younger days.

Patrick Stewart:
Actor Patrick Stewart, known for his roles in the 'Star Trek' and 'X-Men' franchises, never had much hair to begin with. This photo of his younger self is when he was 30 years old! Some things just aren't meant to be.

Ed Harris:
The 'Apollo 13' (1995) star wears his baldness with pride. Back in the day, he had a little more fluff and a great mustache.

Michael Jordan:
The former basketball pro had a lid of hair in the early days of his career. However, as he progressed, he ditched the do and went for the shiny bald look.

Lawrence Fishburne:
'The Matrix' star is known for being bald in the role of Orpheus. However, he actually rocked a full head of hair back then. He still has a little, but mostly he has returned to the bald look.

Billy Joel:
We all recognize his friendly bald head popping up from behind a piano. However, let us not forget that bald Billy Joel used to have curls bobbing up and down to his tunes.

So, they are the bald famous personalities (famous bald guys) on our list. Who is your favorite bald celebrity on this list? And who looks better in their present hairless state? Let us know in this comment section. For more bald celebrities then and now, celebrity news and update, please subscribe to celebrity news today.

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