Tragic Details About Jennifer Lopez Revealed

Tragic Details About Jennifer Lopez Revealed

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9 May, 2021
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Dancer, singer, actress, and Super Bowl Halftime show performer Jennifer Lopez is among the world's most famous Latinx women. And while you might look at her decades-long career as a series of jumps from success to success, this star has actually had a noteworthy string of personal and professional challenges. So whether you know her from shows like "American Idol" and "Shades of Blue", songs like "Jenny From the Block" and "On the Floor", her string of A-tier romantic partners, or movie hits like "Maid in Manhattan" (or all of the above), here are tragic details about Jennifer Lopez revealed.

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Homeless | 0:00
Poor in the past | 1:15
Parents' divorce | 2:27
Death of her aunt | 3:29
Pigeonholed | 4:21
Relationship abuse | 5:35
Split with Marc Anthony | 6:33
Relationship drama | 7:33
Trolls | 8:50
Nervous breakdown | 9:57

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