The Untold Truth Of John Cena

The Untold Truth Of John Cena

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12 October, 2021
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John Cena is one of the most visible entertainers in the world, so ubiquitous that it's sometimes possible to forget where he came from. Most will remember that Cena became famous as a professional wrestler, but even this wasn't the start of his career. We'll take a long look at the life of John Cena, both professional and personal, to figure out what makes this guy tick. From sleeping in his car as a nobody to starring in blockbuster movies, there were a lot of steps on John Cena's road to success. At last, here's the untold truth of John Cena.

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John Cena's surprising talent | 0:00
A life-changing present | 1:33
He hit the books | 2:33
Early years in Los Angeles | 4:00
A big family man | 5:09
The wonderful world of wrestling | 6:14
His wrestling relationships | 6:59
He's fluent in Mandarin | 8:17
His social media prowess | 9:39
Comedy calls to him | 10:40
His strict regimen | 11:50
Who is his wife? | 13:07
A gifted storyteller | 14:24
He's a charitable man | 15:31
What's he worth? | 16:39

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