The Truth About Bear Grylls May Surprise You

The Truth About Bear Grylls May Surprise You

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7 May, 2021
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World traveler, former British Special Forces survival expert, reality star. Bear Grylls is one multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry that you’d actually want to take advice from in the real world. Best known for his Discovery series Man vs. Wild, Grylls has seen a lot, from the summit of Mount Everest to the halls of Buckingham Palace.

While most casual viewers are surely familiar with Grylls’ penchant for alternative forms of hydration, there’s still plenty about this wilderness expert that even the biggest Man vs. Wild fans don’t know about. Stay tuned — we’re revealing the truth about Bear Grylls.

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First TV appearance | 0:00
His first name isn't Bear | 1:12
Bear Grylls owns an island | 2:01
Highest world record | 2:47
Naked meet-cute | 3:25
Career-threatening injuries | 4:19
Worth $25 million | 5:22
Bear Grylls' biggest fear | 6:34
World's youngest Chief Scout | 7:26
Survival classes for anyone | 8:26
Ultimate celebrity participant | 9:07
An unexpected career | 10:20

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