The Truth About Anthony Bourdain's Romantic Relationships

The Truth About Anthony Bourdain's Romantic Relationships

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26 February, 2022
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Even before his 2018 death, chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain attained a sort of mythical status. As an author, he dared to pull back the curtain on how restaurant kitchens really worked. As a travel show host, he went off the beaten path to depict food and culture in a way that hadn't been seen on TV before. He was open, honest, and thoughtful in new and exciting ways.

But Bourdain was ultimately human. As such, he had real relationships that had many ups and downs. He was married twice, and had other romantic entanglements along the way. Here's the truth about Anthony Bourdain's romantic relationships.

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Married his high school sweetheart | 0:00
Split from Nancy | 1:25
Briefly dated a journalist | 2:26
Meeting Ottavia Busia | 3:49
Second marriage | 5:10
Split from Busia | 6:26
Asia Argento | 7:34
Potentially toxic relationship? | 8:55
Shaken by his death | 10:17

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