The Richest Late Night Host Might Surprise You

The Richest Late Night Host Might Surprise You

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22 November, 2021
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Late night programming is a mainstay on American television, just as it has been for the past couple of generations. These personalities provide entertainment in the wee hours, and help viewers digest the news of the day in irreverent and lively fashion. Successful late night shows are integral to the major networks' advertising schemes, and these individuals make their respective networks a whole lot of money. They're rewarded for doing so in grand fashion, and some of these folks are worth even more than you probably imagine. We'll take a look at living late night hosts from lowest to highest net worth. The richest late night host might surprise you.

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Seth Meyers | 0:00
John Oliver | 1:04
Andy Cohen | 2:03
Jimmy Kimmel | 3:05
Jimmy Fallon | 4:03
James Corden | 5:22
Stephen Colbert | 6:43
Trevor Noah | 7:59
Conan O'Brien | 9:14
David Letterman | 10:31
Jay Leno | 11:11

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