The Most Expensive Things Ever Shown On MTV Cribs

The Most Expensive Things Ever Shown On MTV Cribs

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23 May, 2022
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Remember when MTV made original television shows? While there are a bunch of MTV shows that have come and gone over the years and have seemingly disappeared from the public's consciousness entirely, "MTV Cribs," which started in 2000, isn't one of them. The opportunity for fans to peek behind the curtain of the lives of the rich and famous was too enticing for fans to ignore. For those not familiar with it, "MTV Cribs" follows all kinds of celebrities as they give tours of their mind-blowing homes while showing off their fleet of luxury cars and other items most people can't afford. But how pricy were their prized possessions? These are the most expensive things ever shown on MTV Cribs.

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Master P | 0:00
Melissa Joan Hart | 1:09
John Travolta | 1:57
50 Cent | 2:49
Richard Branson | 3:36
Mariah Carey | 4:39
Carmelo and La La Anthony | 5:56
Criss Angel | 6:58
Travis Barker | 8:16
Ludacris | 9:20

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