The Most Bizarre On-Stage Meltdowns Explained

The Most Bizarre On-Stage Meltdowns Explained

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24 November, 2021
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Getting on stage in front of a huge audience isn’t something you can ever be totally prepared for, even if part of your job is doing just that. Be it a live concert or accepting a win at an awards show, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. And for many celebrities, it has.

Thanks to the internet, most of these moments have been caught on camera and will live on for years to come. From stealing an audience member’s camera to running off stage in total embarrassment, these are some of the most bizarre on-stage meltdowns explained.

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Axl Rose | 0:00
Jim Morrison | 1:46
Fiona Apple | 3:16
A$AP Rocky | 4:45
John Mayer | 5:57
Billie Joe Armstrong | 7:34
Milli Vanilli | 8:58
Chris Brown | 10:17

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