Stars Who Went Missing And Have Never Been Found

Stars Who Went Missing And Have Never Been Found

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4 May, 2021
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The life of a celebrity might seem like a 24/7 party, but that isn’t always the case. Just existing in the age of paparazzi makes being famous a full time gig, where even a routine trip to the gas station opens one up to public scrutiny. Celebrities are followed everywhere they go, but for some stars, living every moment in the limelight can become too much to handle.

There have certainly been those celebs who disappear from the public eye, only to reemerge months later, just in time to promote their latest project. But some stars who went missing didn’t actually come back. Here are a few who’ve never been found.

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Richey Edwards | 0:00
Joe Pichler | 1:33
Jimmy Hoffa | 2:39
Bison Dele | 3:45
Scott Smith | 5:15
Daniel Lind Lagerlöf | 6:28
Jim Sullivan | 7:23
Harold Holt | 8:23
Amelia Earhart | 9:24
Theodosia Burr | 10:47
Michael Rockefeller | 12:15

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