Stars Who Treat Crew Members Like Trash

Stars Who Treat Crew Members Like Trash

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19 March, 2022
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It’s hard to escape a Hollywood reputation. While some stars are known throughout the industry for their kindness and approachability, others have come to be known for the opposite. Unfortunately, when terrible stories from the set begin to circulate outside of Hollywood, it’s hard to escape the negative label.
While celebrities might not look and sound nearly as good without the crew members that make show business possible, it hasn't stopped some stars from kicking, burning, or even headbutting their support staff. Who are the worst offenders? These are some of the biggest stars who treat crew members like trash.

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Tom Cruise | 0:00
Christian Bale | 1:23
Ruby Rose | 2:28
Julia Roberts | 3:36
Johnny Depp | 4:44
Ellen DeGeneres | 5:46
David O. Russell | 6:40
Mike Myers | 7:33
Lea Michele | 8:46
Nia Long | 9:38
Vin Diesel | 10:36
Thomas Gibson | 11:40

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