Stars Who Permanently Left The U.S.

Stars Who Permanently Left The U.S.

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13 July, 2021
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America is home to some of the biggest industries in the world: cars, pharmaceuticals, oil, and — of course — celebrity. Many of those lucky enough to have found fame call the U.S. home, and with huge portions of the entertainment industry existing on both coasts, it’s little wonder that so many stars live in the States.

But American living isn’t for everyone, and that includes certain celebrities. While some of these famous people have simply chosen to expand their real estate portfolio to locations abroad, others have made the permanent leap away from their home country and into unfamiliar territory. Here are just a few stars who permanently left the U.S.

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Tina Turner | 0:00
Grace Kelly | 1:16
Jim Morrison | 2:18
Tim Burton | 3:15
Janet Jackson | 4:04
Lindsay Lohan | 5:09
Michael Flatley | 6:24
Madonna | 7:24
Zac Efron | 8:23
Terry Gilliam | 9:17
John Huston | 10:19

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