Stars From Saved By The Bell You Might Not Know Died

Stars From Saved By The Bell You Might Not Know Died

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12 January, 2022
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It’s hard to believe that “Saved by the Bell,” the classic high school TV show that defined a generation, is over 30 years old. The series was an 80s feel-good classic that produced several spin-offs, including a reboot in 2020. Indeed, seeing the Bayside students from the original show as adults really makes you wonder where time has gone.

Sadly, the reboot can also serve as a grim reminder of a beloved character from the original show who will never return. But that actor isn’t the only one we’ve lost since the show premiered. These are the stars from “Saved by the Bell” you might not know died.

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Jack Angeles (Mr. Tuttle) | 0:00
Monty Hoffman (Coach Sonski) | 1:05
Louan Gideon (Becky Belding) | 2:12
Gary Beach (Gem Diamond) | 3:21
Henry Polic II (Mr. Bainbridge) | 4:24
Avery Schreiber (Dr. Mertz) | 5:38
Mary Pat Gleason (Madame Oeuf) | 6:25
Hamilton Camp (Mr. Margolies) | 7:30
Dustin Diamond (Samuel 'Screech' Powers) | 8:19

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