Stars Caught In Groupie Scandals

Stars Caught In Groupie Scandals

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5 May, 2021
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Groupies have always been part of the celebrity ecosystem, but the cultural understanding of the groupie, particularly post- MeToo. Groupies have existed in some form for as long as there's been fame, but the modern form has existed since the 60's or 70's – an era during which digital evidence of these brief relationships couldn't exist. That's all changed today, when social media makes many private groupie/celebrity encounters very public knowledge. Unfortunately, many of the photo records of these events were taken with the celebrity's knowledge or consent. However embarrassing, many of these groupie scandals are all but forgotten today. Here are the celebrities caught in groupie scandals.

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James Harden | 0:00
Justin Bieber | 1:03
Snoop Dogg | 1:59
Usain Bolt | 3:09
Ezekiel Elliott | 4:08
Klay Thompson | 4:55
Trace Adkins | 5:44
Lil Wayne | 6:32

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