Sci-Fi Stars You Didn't Know Had Died

Sci-Fi Stars You Didn't Know Had Died

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4 September, 2021
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Sci-fi television and movies have some great epics from various eras that continue to capture the public imagination. These sweeping narratives take the time to introduce heady philosophical ideas and fascinating characters, all in service of the stories' high conceptual goals. When it's done right, this gives sci-fi characters a deep emotional connection to their fans, and this connection persists long after the movies are out of theaters and the shows are off the air. Unfortunately, these relationships must come to an end, and fans regularly grieve the actors who brought their favorite characters to live. These are sci-fi stars you didn't know had died.

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Aron Eisenberg | 0:00
Cliff Simon | 1:41
Jerry Doyle | 2:55
Mira Furlan | 4:10
Jeremy Bulloch | 5:32
Dave Prowse | 6:50
Peter Mayhew | 8:02
Felix Silla | 9:28
Clark Middleton | 10:35
Sonny Landham | 12:03
Richard Herd | 13:23
Rutger Hauer | 14:42
Miguel Ferrer | 16:14
Wilford Brimley | 17:33
Yaphet Kotto | 18:22
Ian Holm | 19:45

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