Rappers Who Have Wives That'll Definitely Turn Some Heads

Rappers Who Have Wives That'll Definitely Turn Some Heads

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1 November, 2021
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It may seem like celebrity couples never make it long term. We've all seen pairs like Brad and Angelina go their separate ways, to the point where it seems to be the rule. However, there are plenty of celebs, especially in the rap world, that have stood the test of time. Not all of these hip hop couples make daily headlines, but their mutual commitment has helped each partner weather the storms of life. We'll review some of the most famous couples, as well as some duos where one member may not be familiar to you at all. These are rappers who have wives that'll definitely turn some heads.

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Swizz Beatz | 0:17
Jay-Z | 1:28
Ice-T | 2:39
Offset | 3:35
Gucci Mane | 4:37
Jeezy | 5:27
Chance the Rapper | 6:36
Ice Cube | 8:00
Big Boi | 9:08
Snoop Dogg | 10:11

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