Inside Tom Cruise's Super Secretive Love Life

Inside Tom Cruise's Super Secretive Love Life

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10 October, 2021
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Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and with multiple high profile franchises under his belt, the actor is known to millions of adoring fans. Cruise also has a reputation for being one of the friendliest celebs in the biz.

For as open as Cruise seems to be around his fans, he tends to be the opposite when it comes to his private life, as he usually keeps his romances on the down-low. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to learn about this Hollywood star’s leading ladies. Let’s take a look inside Tom Cruise's super secretive love life.

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The high school sweetheart | 0:00
The Hollywood hook-up dishes | 1:10
The Risky Business dance disaster | 2:04
The call girl co-star coupling | 3:03
The older woman | 3:44
The marriage of enlightenment | 4:37
Days of Thunder torn asunder | 5:23
When Cruise met Cruz | 6:12
The relationship audition winner | 7:02
The one that got away | 8:31
Disney romance turned Grimm's fairytale | 9:28
The perfect Scientology princess | 10:45
Mission Impossible successful ending | 11:48

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