Inside Kate Beckinsale's Weird Love Life

Inside Kate Beckinsale's Weird Love Life

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28 April, 2021
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Kate Beckinsale has had a solid presence in Hollywood since the early ‘90s. She’s done everything from Shakespeare, to epic era romance, to Adam Sandler comedy, but she’s probably best known for bringing life to death dealer Selene in the Underworld franchise. Well, that and for her fairly unconventional love life.

For Beckinsale, age is nothing but a number, exes don’t get dumped for life, and splitting up doesn’t have to be a messy affair. In fact, Kate Beckinsale is so easy going when it comes to her relationships that it’s weird the tabloids have made such a big deal about them for so many years. Here’s what’s really up with Beckinsale’s love life.

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Snuggly baby daddy | 0:00
Multiple proposals | 1:38
Falling for a married man | 2:31
No need for spousal support | 3:21
Complicated with Matt Rife | 4:10
Jack Whitehall's rebound | 4:58
Whirlwind fling with Pete Davidson | 5:36
Slamming double standards | 7:29
Quarantine boyfriend | 8:18
Culinary shortcomings | 9:24

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