Celebs Who Treat Their Employees Like Trash

Celebs Who Treat Their Employees Like Trash

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28 January, 2022
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Being adjacent to fame doesn't always lead to great places. If you're lucky enough to earn a living wage by following around after the rich and famous and cleaning up their scraps, consider yourself in the minority, but don't expect to launch your singing career by living in someone else's shadow. And while wealth and power don't always corrupt, there are plenty of examples of fame gone wrong when it comes to how stars treat the people closest to them.

Here are a few examples of celebs who treat their employees like trash.

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Beyoncé | 0:00
Kourtney Kardashian | 0:49
Charlize Theron | 1:31
Meghan Markle | 2:01
Ellen DeGeneres | 3:03
Mariah Carey | 4:10

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