Celebs Who Trashed Reboots Of Their Work

Celebs Who Trashed Reboots Of Their Work

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2 September, 2021
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Are there any original ideas left? Maybe not in Hollywood. In 2018 alone, there were almost 150 reboots, remakes, and sequels in some stage of production. Can anyone come up with anything new anymore?

It's not only theatregoers who are suffering from reboot fatigue. This recycling of tried-and-true ideas into arguably worse forms has come under fire from the creators, directors, and actors who poured themselves into the originals. Here are a few celebs who trashed reboots of their work.

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Gene Wilder | 0:00
Michael Caine | 1:37
Kirsten Dunst | 2:51
Ernie Hudson | 4:24
Lori Petty | 5:33
Dirk Benedict | 6:32
Pamela Anderson | 7:43
The original Blue & Black Rangers | 8:42
Elton John | 10:15
Chris Columbus | 11:28
Don Mancini | 12:34
Norman Jewison | 14:03
The director of 'Space Jam' | 15:35
Angela Lansbury | 16:53

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