Celebs Who Identify As Non-Binary

Celebs Who Identify As Non-Binary

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21 July, 2021
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The world is becoming more open and accepting, particularly when it comes to gender identity. For many people, it’s impossible to check a box as either male or female — they identify as neither, or both, or something entirely different. The term “non-binary” allows for those who identify outside of “man” or “woman” to live their lives more openly and honestly.

Celebs, like the rest of us, want and deserve to live authentically, and many have chosen to do away with gender-specific pronouns. Recently, more and more celebrities have been open about their refusal to adhere to heteronormative and binaried labels. These are the celebs who identify as non-binary.

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Courtney Stodden | 0:00
Ruby Rose | 1:39
Jonathan Van Ness | 2:52
Lachlan Watson | 4:05
Asia Kate Dillon | 5:19
Demi Lovato | 6:37
Angel Haze | 7:39
Sam Smith | 8:48
Amandla Stenberg | 9:55
Nico Tortorella | 11:14
Shakina Nayfack | 12:34
Sara Ramirez | 13:48
Brigette Lundy-Paine | 15:24
Lio Tipton | 16:14

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