Celebs Who Granted Their Fans Unusual Dying Wishes

Celebs Who Granted Their Fans Unusual Dying Wishes

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25 April, 2021
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Tabloids have found success dishing dirt on celebrities’ worst moments — those times when the world’s rich and famous are at their most selfish, thoughtless, or outright vicious. There doesn’t seem to be much we love more than seeing our idols fall.
Unless, of course, we can see them at their very best instead. Sure, there will always be bad celebrities doing bad things, but there are just as many on the opposite end of the spectrum. Some have gone out of their way to give back to their biggest fans, and for those fans who are in their final days, giving back often means going above and beyond in outrageous ways. Here are some of the most unusual dying wishes celebs have granted their fans.

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Helen Mirren | 0:18
Mark Hamill | 1:20
Lady Gaga | 2:10
Bob Denver | 3:05
Beyoncé | 4:14
The Muppets | 5:22
The Breaking Bad cast | 6:12
Tyler Perry | 7:22
Maroon 5 | 8:34

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