Celebs Who Completely Fail At Everyday Life

Celebs Who Completely Fail At Everyday Life

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5 May, 2021
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Celebrities: Do they know things? Paris Hilton famously asked if Walmart sold "like, wall stuff" on her reality show The Simple Life, though she later said she was putting on an act for the cameras. For some celebrities, though, it's not an act.

After years, or in some cases decades, of having an assistant do their shopping and a hired hand walk their dogs, celebrities can get to the point of living in a sealed bubble, where everyday tasks for the rest of us might as well be from another universe. Turning on a computer? Never done it. Using a washing machine? Not for them. Even ordering a pizza on the phone is too much for one of these celebs who completely fail at everyday life.

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Bill Gates | 0:00
Gwyneth Paltrow | 1:03
Kylie Jenner | 2:01
Robert Pattinson | 2:51
Cher | 3:49
Angelina Jolie | 4:28
Bette Midler | 5:11

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