Celebs Who Can't Stand Jenny McCarthy

Celebs Who Can't Stand Jenny McCarthy

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1 December, 2021
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Actor/host Jenny McCarthy has received a lot of flak over the years for her stance on vaccines. But her position on this subject isn’t the only thing causing trouble for the star. Apparently, McCarthy knows how to get on a celebrity’s bad side. When reviewing her track record, you’ll see she’s made quite a few enemies.

What is it that compels her to diss other public figures in such a way? And who exactly has she upset throughout her career? Sit back and relax, because we’re about to dish on the celebs who can’t stand Jenny McCarthy.

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Lala Kent | 0:00
Tara Reid | 1:09
Amy Schumer | 2:18
Amanda Bynes | 2:58
Charlie Sheen | 3:54
Julie Chen | 5:03
Jim Jefferies | 6:07
Philip Labonte | 6:52
Christina Applegate | 7:49
Melissa McCarthy | 8:45
Rhea Durham | 9:50
Derek Peth | 10:41
Mariah Carey | 11:11

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