Celebs Who Can't Stand Gabrielle Union

Celebs Who Can't Stand Gabrielle Union

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20 May, 2022
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With roles in TV shows and movies like "Friends," "Bring It On," "Being Mary Jane," and "Think Like A Man", Gabrielle Union has paid her dues. There is no doubt she's not afraid to stand up for herself. And who could blame her? In a 2017 interview with Thrive Global, Gabrielle Union spoke about her journey to self-confidence saying that eventually she was able to value what she brought to the table.

But with that confidence sometimes comes the person, or people, who are just put off by it. Here are the celebs who can't stand Gabrielle Union.

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Charles Barkley | 0:00
Jada Pinkett Smith | 1:14
Simon Cowell | 1:55
Julianne Hough | 2:55
50 Cent | 3:41
The NBA refs | 4:25
Aja Métoyer | 5:13
Stacey Dash | 6:10

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