Celebs That Fell On Live TV

Celebs That Fell On Live TV

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22 June, 2022
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Oh, how the mighty have fallen...quite literally in the case of celebrities on TV. Maybe it's the nerves of appearing on live television. Maybe it's the grand outfits they're wearing for the first time. Maybe it's God deciding to knock these household names down a peg. Whatever the reason, it's absolutely hilarious to watch famous folks fall on their faces when the cameras start rolling, and the following events have been captured on film for us to enjoy for all time. So have a seat and take a look at this long list of celebs that fell on live TV.

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Bill Murray takes a spill on MSNBC | 0:00
Jennifer Lawrence falls into our hearts | 1:17
Shaq nearly brings down the house | 2:00
Madonna's wardrobe malfunction | 2:55
Katy Perry goes under the sea | 3:49
Joy Behar gets a view of the floor | 4:38
Diddy wipes out at BET Awards | 5:07
The One Direction is 'down' | 6:06
Meghan Trainor gets a floor friend | 6:47
The Pope stumbles in Poland | 7:43
A little blood can't stop Joe Jonas | 8:36
Miss USA Rachel Smith falls with grace | 9:19
Gemma Collins fell flat at the BBC Teen Awards | 10:06
Michelle Williams wasn't ready | 11:36
Anne-Marie's ankle twist | 12:29
Wendy Williams' terrifying faint | 13:17
Peter Andre styled out his fall | 14:28
John Barrowman gets felled by heels | 15:13

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