Celebrity Causes Of Death We Didn't See Coming

Celebrity Causes Of Death We Didn't See Coming

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24 May, 2022
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For many of us, the loss of a beloved celebrity is felt as the loss of any future work of theirs, along with the impact their art had on our lives. Often, a celebrity’s death is expected, whether from old age, sickness, or the like. Sometimes, though, it seems to come out of nowhere.
Over the years, we’ve lost many celebrities in a number of sudden and devastating ways. We’re taking a look back at some of the most shocking deaths in the industry, as well as the profound legacies these stars have left behind. From America’s favorite dad to one of the greatest actors of his generation, these are the celebrity causes of death we didn't see coming.

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Bob Saget | 0:00
Kobe Bryant | 1:42
Robin Williams | 3:11
Brittany Murphy | 4:52
George Michael | 6:18
David Bowie | 7:44
Chadwick Boseman | 8:58
Cameron Boyce | 10:34
Anthony Bourdain | 11:56
Philip Seymour Hoffman | 13:23
Natasha Richardson | 14:45
Dustin Diamond | 16:12
Phil Hartman | 17:28

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