Beloved Celebs Who Were Dealt An Unfair Hand In Life

Beloved Celebs Who Were Dealt An Unfair Hand In Life

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19 June, 2022
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Hitting the big time: it’s a dream that many may secretly have, and for those who make it, they are admired by countless fans. But just because you have fame and fortune doesn’t mean all of your problems go away.

While everything may look glamorous on the outside, many people who become major celebrities had to overcome a lot of challenges in their lives to get to where they are today. How tough did it get for some of our favorite stars? These are the beloved celebs who were dealt an unfair hand in life.

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Jennifer Hudson | 0:00
Kelsey Grammer | 1:20
Keanu Reeves | 2:23
Tyler Perry | 3:38
Charlize Theron | 4:36
Demi Moore | 5:25
Oprah Winfrey | 6:14
Britney Spears | 7:13
Roy Orbison | 8:08
Shania Twain | 8:44
Mariska Hargitay | 9:33
Leighton Meester | 10:17
Judy Garland | 11:12

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