Tells in poker – determining the strength of the opponents’ hands of behavior in an online game

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In offline poker, experienced players make decisions, taking into account the behavior of rivals. They can appreciate gestures, facial expressions and other external clues that reveal the strength of the opponent’s cards. Such signs are called Tells in poker. In the online game, they also have, but here the players can not see each other, so they use other methods to assess the opponent’s behavior. We will talk about some of the signs of the behavior of players, which should pay attention.
How to determine the player’s difficulty level
First of all, you should remember that some signs of behavior in experienced players mean one thing, and beginners have another. The fact is that poker players with experience know that they can give out the power of their hands, hence – they can mislead rivals, showing the weakness of the combination when it is strong and vice versa. Therefore, before boarding, you need to find out who you are dealing with – a regular or a loser. The signs of the regular are as follows:
Multi-table game – to increase profits, regulars usually take up space at several tables, when beginners usually do not master the game on more than 2-3 tables.
Starting stack – an experienced poker player often plays with a full deep stack, the size of about 200 Big Blinds, and when the chip stock drops – he buys them. Typically, these users are configured to auto-purchase.
Postflop bet – very rarely done less than half the pot, which indicates the presence of understanding poker mathematics and the desire to increase profits at a distance.
So, finding out the level of the enemy, you can begin to pay attention to its behavior in the auction, if it does not belong to the category of experienced regulars. Some Tells in poker may apply to these opponents, which we will note in the descriptions.
Reading opponents is an important skill for a successful player, as it allows you to exploit the mistakes of an opponent and increase your own profit. In addition to observations, it is recommended to use statistical software, for example – Hold’em Manager, who can tell a lot about rivals, providing their game statistics right during the real game.