Fast poker

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At the tables with fast poker, the “Quick Fold” function is available. After handing out the pocket cards, it can be used by all the participants of the table, except for the one put by the Big Blind. If you entered the trade with limping and the Big Blind instantly announced the Check – this feature was activated. Therefore, the flop must immediately bet, as the opponent folds in most cases. This function works on the next streets – pay attention to it.
Choice of bet sizes
Poker clients allow you to adjust the size of promotions and this function is used by regulars, but not by beginners. For example, a poker player can preset that a Post-flop raise is 2/3 of the pot. Inexperienced opponents will always choose the value of the bet themselves, and rarely consider the size of the bank. Unable to vary the style of the rally in the same situations, they can give out the power of their hand in the following way:
Passive drawing is the absence of a bet, but a high raise call. If the user is experienced and compares Beth to more than 3/4 of the pot on the Flop or Turn, it is likely that he plays Nats. Especially often this behavior can be found on a dangerous board, which makes it possible to compose Flash, Street and other high combinations. On the River, you can expect from him Beth or Rise, as he will miss the opportunity to increase the bank in the last auction.
A small Bet-rival makes a low bet, which can be expected from an experienced and a loose poker player. In both cases, she talks about a strong combination that the opponent is trying to hide. If you make a raise – it will simply compare it regularly in most cases, and the unlikely poker player will rise, which will confirm the suspicions of a strong hand.
High Beth – made by an inexperienced opponent speaks of a bluff. An experienced poker player when bluffing, takes into account the fact that the opponent can not fold – equal or higher. Therefore, putting, he chooses such a raise size, which will bring him profit at a distance, even if in this distribution the bluff will fail. Therefore, the rate is usually 2/3 – 3/4 of the bank. The player who has studied the poker theory superficially, for the sake of convincing can put more, and sometimes go all-in.
To more accurately read Tells in poker – it is important to observe other participants of the table throughout the game, even in those distributions in which cards are dropped. Because the most valuable signs are deviations from those lines of the draw, which the player adheres to normally.